What did I learn?

May 8, 2016

Top Ten Lessons from Provincial Instructors Diploma


What have I gleaned from my time in the PID program?  In no particular order:

  1. Peer review is an amazing resource, one we don’t utilize enough.
  2. If you make your lessons easy and then blow students away on exams, alignment is not present and your students are going to be…displeased with you.
  3. Rubrics are not a multi-colored cube that makes people tear out their hair in the name of fun. They are a way to reflect clearly how you will assess a student on a particular assignment.  Cuts down on guesswork (on both sides).
  4. Creating an Outcome Guide helps instructors to know the outcomes they are looking to achieve in a course so they can build their lessons and assessments to ensure these goals are achieved.
  5. Critical thinking is, in this digital age, even more critical. Just because we have access to more information than any generation before us doesn’t mean all of that information has been well researched, thought out or relayed.
  6. APA Format. That’s all I’m saying about it.
  7. No one technique or style is going to reach every student, which is why we need to have a variety of strategies in our proverbial tool belt.
  8. Just because students are entertained doesn’t mean they’re learning. Conducting both formative and summative assessments helps us to gauge the level of comprehension of our students.
  9. We need to stay on top of technology and use it appropriately in our teaching.
  10. No longer are we merely “sages on the stage”. We are curators of knowledge, encouragers, facilitators, people who guide and push our students to learn how to learn. The learning only begins with us.

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